9/28/18 Results


Midwest Mods


Car - Driver
9 Sam Petty
32 Robbie Ewing
42 Donnie Jackson
15 Ryan Edde
Chad Staus
1 Bobby Williams
83 Dayton Newell
Jeff Hooper
Jamie Mauck
83 JC Newell - Champ

Car - Driver
76 Donnie Gennings
Caleb Starnes
Steven Short
5M Matt Williams
Stacy Hall
Seth Pendleton
42J Tony Wright
89 Ted Ballinger - Champ

Car - Driver
47 JR Leiber - Champ
16M Donnie Gennings
Lyle Dietrich
Jason Reckker
35 Warren Ware
4 Cole Ashlock
Rob Mick
David Listen
Michael Maggard
313 Tim Hilton

Pure Stocks

Mini Stocks


Car - Driver
4 John Gamble
32 Richard Adams - Champ
Quentin Day
47 Robney Leiber
71 Chris Sanders
6 Justin McDowell
John Shaver
69 Les Hayes
40 Darrel Storment
40 Skyler Storment
Mendel Needham

Car - Driver
00 Rick Girard
0 Robbie Jones - Champ
Dakota Girard
Kyler Girard
Dakota Hardesty
Travis Maggard
3 Jacob Puryear

Car - Driver
7 Shannon Geller - Champ
Tim Day
Brandon Newbum
05 Shyanne Bauman
1 Sarah Cunningham

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