8-9-19 Results


Midwest Mods


Robbie Ewing
Stephen Muilenburg
Ryan Edde
JC Newell
JT Yount
Jamie Mauk
Kyle Long
Wes Long
Dayton Newell

Colt Cheevers
DeWayne Hobbs
Rick Lampe
Ryan Larson
Jamey Petty
Jacob Long
Zach Williams

JR Leiber
Robbie Jones
Jason Reckker
Donnie Ginnings
Preston McDowell
Warren Ware
Michael Maggard
Duane Mackey

Pure Stocks

Mini Stocks

Open Mini Stocks

Mark Simon
Mason Beck
Karla Lampe
Richard Adams
Waylon Demmitt
Chris Sawyer
Darrell Storment
Les Hayes
Aaron Johns
Rodney Leiber
Ricky Cross
Travis Hayes
Dennis Crenshaw

Willard Taylor
Robbie Jones
Travis Maggard
Rick Girard
Dakota Hardesty
Kasey Courtois
James Collins
Daniel Barton
Ash Akers
Nolan NeSmith
Jeremy Townsend
Jacob Puryear

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